Adventure Tours

If you are looking for a great cruise experience in Santorini or an exhilarating activity find here your next adventure with Notos Travel Santorini! 

Adventure Tours
Off-road tour
Ideal for Adventure Lovers

Jeep Safari Tour

This is the ultimate must live experience in Santorini as the spectacle of Oia's sunset is unique! 

Adventure Tours
Unique Experience
Ideal for Cruise Lovers

Catamaran Red Cruise

What better way to explore the vast caldera of Santorini than on the Catamaran Red Cruise around the coastal beauties of the island?

Ideal for Adventure Seekers

Horse Riding

Notos Travel has arranged a selection of exciting horse-riding tours, perfect for avid riders as well as inexperienced ones!

Adventure Tours
Breathtaking View
Ideal for Adventure Seekers


The hiking route on the edge of the caldera from Fira to Oia Village is perhaps the most popular hiking route on the island of Santorini.