Artemis Karamolegos Winery - Aroma Avlis Restaurant

A winery with multi awarded wines, co-housed with a fine dining restaurant that serves signature tastes of Santorini expertly paired with local wines. Cooking classes and wine tastings are available.

Based upon the solid foundations of granddad Artemis’s winemaking tradition since 1952, the winery made a dynamic entry in contemporary winemaking in 2004, when grandson Artemis Karamolegos invested in the production facility and the privately owned vineyards, producing wine of protected designation of origin (PDO) for the first time. Almost 15 years later, their wines keep earning prizes at international and domestic competitions while their export activities continue to grow on a yearly basis: they are currently the third largest winery of Santorini in terms of production volume.

Currently there is no tour available for this attraction. You may contact us or select another tour in Santorini.