Oia Village

The village of Oia on the north side of Santorini is famous for its architecture, its ambiance and the spectacular views to the caldera, the volcano and the sea. A must- visit spot that you can’t miss!

Oia, also known as Pano Meria, is considered the most picturesque village of Santorini and holds the position of the most visited spot for sunset viewing, as it provides an excellent view of the well-known sunset, probably the most famous sunset in the world. It is on the northwest coast of Santorini and it is built on the caldera slope.

It is no wonder that a few movies have been filmed in Oia, for its beauty is unprecedented. It is a synthesis of white-blue houses and churches, with pink and ocher details, “hanging” on the caldera, composing a colorful canvas that is difficult to put in words. It is a rather peaceful and idyllic village that comes alive during the sunset time.

The sunset in Oia holds a whole different meaning. It is the time of the day when you can experience a brand new sensation. All visitors and locals gather in streets, stairs and rooftops in order to cherish the sunset. It is like a big celebration, which takes place every evening anew and ends when all people together, as a big company, clap their hands the moment the sun dims in the sea. The sunset colors complete the extraordinary beauty of Oia and offer you an unforgettable sight.

In Oia you can stroll in the charming narrow paths, visit shops, galleries and enjoy the atmospheric cafes, bars and restaurants. At the bottom of the village is Ammoudi Bay where there is a row of traditional taverns by the sea with local food. You can also swim there, in wonderful crystal waters with the breathtaking caldera view above you, if you take the small path that leads to a unique diving area.

As for sights, one of the best museums of Santorini is in Oia. The Naval Maritime Museum has one of the richest collections in Greece which depicts the naval history of the island. Of course one should visit the ruins of Agios Nikolaos Castle as, apart from its history, it is a hotspot for sunset viewing. In Oia you have the chance to visit one of the wineries of the island and taste the local delicious wine. Finally, your eyes would definitely set on the characteristic windmill that adorns the village.

Oia Village
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Oia Village
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Oia Village
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The hiking route on the edge of the caldera from Fira to Oia Village is perhaps the most popular hiking route on the island of Santorini.