Thirassia Island

Traditional and unspoiled, Thirassia is immersed in a natural setting with crystalline waters, amazing views and intriguing hiking paths. A perfect stop for a peaceful break and traditional food in the local taverns. With a population of about 270 people, Thirasia lies very close to Santorini, in fact, both formed the same island until the huge volcanic eruption which is estimated to have taken place in 1628 BCE, when it detached Thirasia from main island of Santorini. There are five villages on the island, the largest one, which has a population of 150, sharing the same name with the island itself. Thirassia is what Santorini used to be many years ago. There is nothing there beside peace and quiet. It is mostly visited by day trippers from Santorini, but if you go there for a few days you will be quickly part of the family. Be aware that hardly anyone on Thirassia speaks anything else than Greek.

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