White beach

Red Beach’s sister, White Beach is strikingly ridden with white rocks and pebbles, a gorgeous contrast with the Aegean blue and a perfect spot for swimming in privacy! It is white pebbled surrounded by white towering cliffs that form a beautiful, small cove and provide partial shade. This tiny beach is also composed of pumice stones and gray volcanic sand and pebbles, like the rest of the beaches in Santorini. The waters, of course, are inviting and crystal clear. There are no facilities, only some sunbeds with umbrellas and a small, cave canteen for the necessary supplies. Owing to its nature, the White Beach is not that popular so it remains quiet and isolated creating an ideal site for relaxation and peaceful moments. Moreover, it is perfect for snorkeling as you can explore interesting underwater caves and crevices. Another important characteristic is the fact that it is difficult to access it, therefore it’s not for everybody. There are two ways to get there, either by boat from Red Beach or on foot from the neighboring Cambia Beach but the path is not easy to cross it. It is a suitable destination for those who love adventure and the landscape is totally rewarding.

Currently there is no tour available for this attraction. You may contact us or select another tour in Santorini.